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Wednesday, September 30

Project Purge


I’m sick of stuff.

I live in a 4 bedroom townhouse. 2 of those rooms are devoted almost solely to storage, as is the main area of the basement.

That. is. ridiculous.

3 people do not need this much space, or stuff. And most of it is mine. I’m tired of it all. I’m tired of not knowing what I have and where things are. I’m tired of holding onto things I never ever use because I cared about them at one time or because I think I might use them someday.

I want to simplify, radically.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I am going to be selling, donating, gifting, and throwing away as much of my stuff as possible {and maybe even doing some blog giveaways}. If I’m not using these things they should go to someone who will. You can follow my efforts on Twitter under the hashtag #projectpurge {and feel free to join in}! And I’ll try to post updates here on Domestic Dork as well.

This is going to be all kinds of awesome.

And all kinds of hard.


Am I crazy?

Probably. But at least I’ll know I wasn’t driven crazy by having too much stuff!


8 Stubborn Stains:

Lisa said...

We just moved into a 3 bedroom townhouse from a 2 bedroom apartment. One of the big reasons we moved(besides 3 kids & nowhere for them to play)was lack of space due to stuff. We stuffed a 3 bedroom worth of stuff in when we moved in & every year/new child we got even more. I tossed/donated 20 big garbage bags worth of stuff when I was pregnant. It still took a 16' moving truck 2 trips to move our stuff. & my husband had already made *3* trips with a cargo van. We have a lot of stuff. And I know we can get rid of a bunch of it. The kids do not need almost an entire room of toys they mostly never play with, for example.

Harmony said...

Oh man I love to purge, stuff!!! It's one of my favorite bi yearly activities. I move everything in question to the garage throughout the year to see if I can live without it, if the thing in question has to come back into the house then I keep it if not it goes to the donation center. Good Luck and have fun!

TopHat said...

I'll join you!

imemary said...

It feels really good to go through your stuff and throw away non-essential things. I'm a big fan of not having a whole lot of useless junk lying around. So far so good.

Kristin @ Prudent and Practical said...

I love to purge too. My hubby on the other hand thinks that "we'll use it someday..." It's just the two of us and we live in a 4 BR home. I have to take secret trips to Goodwill and the consignment shop otherwise I'd never get rid of the stuff.

Anna said...

I have been working on that exact thing for like 2 months now. I have purged like crazy, but there is still so much stuff. I need to do some more.
I gave you an award over on my blog.

KK said...

I'm a born thrower, I love to purge!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I just might have some stuff to throw in there with you!

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