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Tuesday, September 29

Body After Baby


It’s time for another round of Body After Baby on Mama Notes. Part of me is dreading it because I’ve put together a really challenging plan for myself. But part of me is looking forward to getting back in shape {I’ve been slacking for several weeks now}. Things are being done a little differently this time, so I’m *not* sharing my before pictures or stats yet. That will come later.

My plan includes an eight week Galloway walk/run conditioning program. If I do this program I can then begin marathon training and complete it in time for the Calgary Marathon next year. The conditioning program is actually a little below my level. But since I’ll be doing the 30 Day Shred again and playing Wii Fit I figured I’d better not push myself too hard on the running.

I’m also going to try doing something a little, well, off-the-wall. I’m going to be doing self hypnosis to supplement my exercising and eating healthy. I think it will make a bit of a difference. But if nothing else, it’s a chance to take 15-30 minutes for myself each day and really relax.

This week we’ve been challenged to drink water. We get 1 point for each glass of water we drink so I’m tracking my intake on my dry erase board. Points will help us at the end of the challenge when a winner is chosen. I guess if we reach our goals we’ll all be winners. But let’s be real…I want to win a prize too!

Wish me luck!


9 Stubborn Stains:

DeeDeeK said...

Wow...your exercise goals make mine seem pretty pathetic :). But everyone has to start somewhere, right? Glad to have other like minded moms to do this challenge with!

Courtney said...

Good luck! Love your purple haired avatar BTW!

The Mumpowers said...

Good luck! I've joined the challenge, too.

Nate's Mama said...

Good for you! You can do it, I promise! :)

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Ugh, I reeeeeally need to drink more water, too. But the bad news is, I DESPISE it. I would rather drink almost anything else. :(

Crystal HW said...

I think that is great Holly!

I just might have to join the challenge this time. :)

TopHat said...

Wow! Good luck with that! I hope you see some awesome changes!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm so in awe of anyone who trains for a marathon. I have a hard time focusing on exercising!

I'm interested to see how the hypnosis will work. I used it for my last birth and it got me through a few tough hours. Mostly I just liked listening to the CDs and practicing as a way to relax and get to sleep at night.

the monkey's mama said...

i'm so happy that you are doing the Galloway challenge! That is GREAT! Can't wait to see what the next 7.5 weeks hold for you!

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