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Wednesday, September 30

I Don’t Understand

I try to avoid drama on this blog, really. I do. I like to be enjoyable to a broad audience so I often keep my more inciting opinions to myself, unless it’s something I feel ethically obligated to discuss.

And I feel obligated to discuss Nestle, however briefly.

If you’ve active in the blogosphere you’ve likely heard about the Nestle Family event. Perhaps you’ve even seen some back and forth on Twitter under the #NestleFamily hashtag. I hope you’ve read at least one of these posts:

An open letter to the attendees of the Nestle Family blogger event

The great Nestle boycott

What Are People Thinking?

edited to add: #NestleFamily, Bloggers, and Race: Why It Matters

Great posts…though they forget to address the Nestle/child slave labor connection. If you haven’t, please take a moment to do so now. And maybe you could stop by the Infact website and scan this Wikipedia entry.

But this post is not just about telling you that Nestle is fully of suckiness and fail. It’s about personal ethics. It’s about getting in bed with bad people. Now, I’m sure there are plenty of bloggers at the Nestle event who had/have no idea how dirty Nestle is. This isn’t about them (though it’s probably prudent to research companies before you jump into bed with them).

If you know a company is doing awful, horrible, terrible things should you buy their products? No. If you know a company is doing awful, horrible, terrible things should you become part of their PR spin machine? EVEN BIGGER NO.

I just don’t understand how anyone could think otherwise.


5 Stubborn Stains:

Summer said...

Because, sadly, some just don't care. As long as if doesn't personally affect them, they won't give a damn what a company does.

Sean & Elizabeth said...

I know you don't use regular diapers, but i thought you would get a kick out of this article.


Paula said...

Hey, I think it's important to speak out when we see things going on, and am glad you did. The fact that it's unusual gives it more credence, makes it worth considering, etc, and so forth.

And, by the way, this blog is so adorable!

KK said...

Wow, I know nothing about this!

Anonymous said...

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