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Saturday, September 19

Hair to Dye For

Dye my hair purple.

It’s on my list of things to do. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. So I made the appointment {and by “I” I mean “Adam”}. I pushed past the nervousness and sat in the chair. I pretended that I wasn’t surrounded by three dozen little old ladies getting their greys covered and certainly thinking I was crazy {and by “three dozen” I mean “maybe three to five”}. I managed to not panic when the peroxide started doing things to my scalp I hadn’t expected. I waited patiently. I didn’t complain when the stylist was less than gentle with my hair {and by “less then gentle” I mean “pulling my hair like one might weed a garden”}. And what to I have to show for it?

bad dye job purple hair

My AWESOME purple hair! ---------------->

And by “awesome” I mean “not at all awesome.” And by “purple” I mean “ugly part purple, part weird blue-ish brown-ish grey.”

bad dye job purple hairbad dye job purple hair

Apparently my hair just wouldn’t take the color. {Thanks a lot, Hair}. But the stylist said that if we kept trying we’d really damage my hair {Yeah, well, you deserve it, Hair}! So she sent me home with a bottle of fancy conditioner and instructions to deep condition my hair four times this week. Then we get to do the whole. thing. over. again next Saturday. Yippee.

We are however happy with Adam’s new look.

bright red hair dye

Have you ever had a dye job go horribly, terribly wrong? Oh boy, do I want to hear about it! So tell me in the comments!

For Part 2 click here!


9 Stubborn Stains:

Annie said...

oh no! that stinks! I am so sorry that it didn't work......what a disappointment :*(

Mr Brightside said...

Well, just think...NOW you already have the hair of one of those little old ladies you refer to.

See. You've just completed something on your TO DO LIST (get little old lady violet-ish hair)... 50 years ahead of schedule... congrats! :)

Of course, this coming from a man without any hair to speak of, or snigger at. Ok, actually, just enough to snigger at.

Here's hoping for better luck for next Saturday!

And. I hope you got a DEEP $-discount...

Atlanta said...

I have. I'm talking bring me to tears wrong. I'm talking I should have been smoking holding my baby in a diaper walking though walmart with a cart full of beer and chew wrong. I blogged about it. But I also "fixed it" Not sure what she did to your hair. And Im not sure I would go back to try again if you are going to have to pay for it. I say try another stylist. I just tried Me. And I did a better job than the chick I paid over a hundred bucks to. Waaaay better.

larissa said...

that is sad. Sorry to see how it turned out. I have only dyed my hair a few times.. but now it seems that my hair color ends up matching my clothes and such. Like once in high school I dyed my hair plum really just because my mom made me mad.. and little did I know that next day was school pride day. It looked like I had dyed my hair purple to match my school colors of purple and white. I also tried to Dye my hair chocolate velvet once. It turned out black and matched my winter coat.

Anonymous said...

Glad you tried something you always wanted to try. That in itself is something to celebrate. I will tell you though that red hair is either very porous or it's not. There is no "in-between." My hair is naturally a dark auburn. I don't have problems with the coloring (usually get brassy orange eventually with anything I attempt) but I can't do perms. I have had my hair break off at the scalp in less than 10 minutes or the perm doesn't take whatsoever. Nothing like paying the big bucks to look like a cancer survivor or for curly hair that lasts one wash! Chalk it up to experimenting! Eventaully, it'll grow back!

KK said...

Oh dear! My sister tried to do mine at home once. We ended up running to the mall at 7pm on a Saturday night to pay way too much to have them fix it!

Anonymous said...

Well good for you for trying! I myself am not that brave AT ALL hence why I've never dyed my hair. EVER! I can't wait to see the second attempt.

Nice look, Adam!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I used to dye my hair alllllll kindza crazy colors in high school. My favorite dye was Manic Panic brand - it was bright and it ALWAYS "took." I don't even know if they make it any more (cause that was, like, a decade ago) but it might be worth looking into. :)

Rambling Rachel said...

I want purple hair. But I'm scared. Now I'm really scared.

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