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Wednesday, July 1

O Canada! (Part 1)

July 1st is Canada Day! As if in anticipation of the holiday I received my permanent resident card in the mail yesterday! Finally! I’m so happy to have it, even in all its “oh-my-Google-that-picture-of-me-is-awful-glory!” I also finished Lucy’s red and white tutu and made her a matching shirt. The shirt was a big let down. The wax paper stencil did not iron on properly so I had to paint the design more or less freehand (hence the asymmetry).

after and crafts 025

I used a metallic, red fabric paint for a little extra shimmer. If you want to make something similar don’t forget to put a piece of card board inside the shirt to prevent bleed through to the other side. And if you’re thinking of making a tutu I recently learned this helpful trick…tie the in-progress tutu around a chair or your leg (depending on the size) to keep it from moving around while you’re tying on the tulle.

after and crafts 020after and crafts 024

I’m super excited to get Lu all dressed up. Check back tomorrow for part 2 which will include photos of the tutu in action, a recap of the festivities, and some of my thoughts on Canada!

What do you think of Canada (US citizens feel free to answer)?


6 Stubborn Stains:

The Blonde Duck said...

Is it sad I would happily wear the tutu?

Courtney said...

I love your little tutus! I haven't tried making any yet, but I was wondering- how old is Lucy? My daughter is 9 months and crawling up a storm- would they be practical if she were to crawl in them or would they get all tangled up? I hardly put her in dresses or skirts anymore because she crawls over them and plops on her face. But the tutus are beyond adorable and she would be so cute in them!

I am from the US... and while I don't think about Canada all that often I don't have any negative feelings towards it. I am a little envious of your healthcare system and length of maternity leave allowed. Plus, it's really beautiful... Arizona is not so pretty.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

The Blonde Duck: Not at all! I'm totally planning on making one for myself for Halloween! And I've seen photos online of a woman who wears them to do housework in, because everything is more fun in a tutu!

Courtney: Lu is 6mo and not yet crawling (though she tries, OH how she tries!). The strips of tulle are pretty stretchy, so maybe they wouldn't trip up your little one? Or maybe you could make a really short tutu? If you try let me know how it went!

elizabeth.bogumil said...

yay for tutu's. happy canada day!

Laura said...

HAPPY CANADA DAY! The joys of having little girls...you get to make tutus. I'm so jealous! Hope you guys have a great day and congrats on getting your pr card.

Crystal HW said...

Looks like you found a wonderful place to watch the fireworks!

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