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Monday, July 27

BAB Mini Challenge Week 2 Recap


Some like it hot.

I am not one of them.

My house was slightly cooler than the chromosphere this week.* That does something to a gal’s desire to do activities which promote sweating. So I totally did not work out as much as I imagined I would. Plus last week I found that I had lost a bit of weight (more in fact than a nursing mom should lose in one week) so I might have possibly been resting on my laurels a tiny, itty-bitty bit {translation: I decided I could afford to be lazy which really isn’t true}. And while I started the week pretty strong in the healthy eating department by the weekend I was backsliding a bit.

However I did manage to stop myself after one bite of a cookie. It had a ton of sugar and wasn’t very good so I threw the cookie away and had a plain rice cake instead. {You may worship my super-human self control at your leisure.}

The highlight of my week was, without a doubt, the experience I had Friday. Mr. Dork, Mini-Dork and I had gone over to our friends’ place to play games with their family. The lady of the house told me how great I looked {and I wasn’t even wearing my girdle! Yes, I own a girdle. Now stop laughing!}. She said I must have been working very hard {yes, yes I have been}. It’s always wonderful to have someone notice my progress.

This week I’m going to try, again, to drink lots and lots of water. With the heat we’ve been having it’s super important to stay hydrated. I’ve been getting mild headaches and I’m pretty sure it’s because I need more water.

Aaaaaaaand…tomorrow I’m getting central air. {Yay! Working out will be much better!}


*And boy, did it make me want an ice cold Corona!**

**Just a little nerd humor for you.***

***Yes, I’m a big nerd. I’ve accepted that fact and so should you.

11 Stubborn Stains:

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Hey, great work on the BAB challenge. Good for you! Keep it up!

Just stopping by from SITS. Have a great week! And congrats on getting your central a/c.

Katie said...

Good luck & stick with it!!

Anonymous said...

I live in TX and I feel you on the heat - if I exercise at home I feel like I need to turn the AC down to like, seven. Way to go!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Ooooh, I have to have my house at 71 degrees all the time. It drives Curtis nuts because he says it's cold - but my kids don't complain, and I would burn up if I set the thermostat any higher (I blame it on the pregnancy hormones). The electric company loves me!

I so wish we lived closer ... once I have the baby I'm going to kick some baby weight's ASS, and I need a good workout partner! We'll have to motivate each other from afar, I guess!

Shelley said...

One bit of a cookie? To me, that's doing something akin to shooting up half a syringe of herion and deciding you don't want to just shoot up the rest.

Chanda said...

Way to go on the BAB challenge! Isn't it great when people notice your progress?! Makes you want to work even harder! Keep it up!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I need to drink more water! I have hard time drinking it "plain" though. I like adding lemons, it motivates me to drink more!

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

Ego boosts make great motivators :) And I am completely jealous of your super human one bite cookie powers.

Rae Ann said...

I saw the name of your site when I was leaving a comment for Jill's Believe it or Not and just HAD to come visit!

I heart your nerd humor!

My youngest is two and I have yet to lose the baby weight. Good for you that you are battling the bulge!

m a m a :: m i l i e u said...

congrats holly--keep up the hard work and extra super duper will power strength. it will come in handy at grandma's...is she a good cook?

Unknown Mami said...

I think it's awesome that you got positive reinforcement. Keep up the good work!

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