Hey, look, I know things are a mess. I took a hiatus from blogging and decided to switch up my design before returning. Please be patient, because if you can wait out the mess it means REGULAR POSTING WILL RETURN SOON! :D


Wednesday, July 22

Mama Math

1 husband + 2 jobs (temporary) = 11 hours per day

1 mama + 11 hours of baby duty x fussy baby = 0 time for posting

0 time for posting + 11 hours of baby duty = 0 sanity

1 mama x 0 sanity = 0 brain left for posting

0 brain left for posting + 0 time for posting = 0 posts

1 mama + 1 blog/0 posts = 1 very sorry blogger

Them’s the breaks folks! {I’ll try to do better tomorrow and I’ll try posting on Friday to make up for missed posts!} If you really want something to read check out my {updated} about page and tell me what you think in the comments on this post.


6 Stubborn Stains:

WhisperingWriter said...

It's okay. I think most of us know how it goes. Some days I just have very little time for blogging too.

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Blogging is hard to juggle sometimes! :)

Found your blog while browsing!! :)

Kamity said...

I feel so betrayed! First you move to Canada, then you stop posting in your blog. What's next? ;)

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Ha ha! Because you post soooo much more than me, right! lol

Emma said...

It's a very creative post, totally ok considering 1 mama x 0 sanity = 0 brain left for posting! :)

beth said...

I feel ya here! My husband had back surgery Wednesday so I'm having a hard time keeping up...

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