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Sunday, July 12

Flexing My Creative Muscles

Ahhhh…I’m feeling much better after yesterday. Bear switched his Saturday shift to today so he could take over Lucy duty. Then he sent me out into the world for a few hours. I stopped at the arts and crafts store where I purchased a sketchbook (because I left mine at home) and some new oil pastels (haven’t used those in years). Then I parked myself in a chair at Starbuck’s with an iced coffee and drew and drew and drew and drew! Can you say “cheap therapy?” It was awesome! And I can’t wait to do it again. I’ve always been an art geek but it had been a while since I enjoyed drawing. I disliked my BFA program so much that I not only quit the program I quit making art all together. It’s so nice to be getting back into my creative groove (even if my skills are a bit incredibly rusty). In fact you may be seeing more of my work very soon. Stay tuned!

Speaking of getting back into a creative groove. Fellow blogger The Masked Mommy is painting again. And she’s giving away an incredible purple van Gogh reproduction. I looooooove Vincent van Gogh! And purple is my favorite color! So if I win the painting I may very well pee my pants in excitement!

The Masked Mommy’s giveaway is actually one of the things that finally pushed me over the edge and got me making art again. Bear has been bugging me to start painting again too. And I want to, really, I do. But every time the mood strikes I know Lu just isn’t going to let me get very far. So, for a little while at least, I’ll stick with drawing and digital design; less mess, and less time spent setting up and cleaning up.

Do you have a skill you haven’t utilized in a while?


6 Stubborn Stains:

Shelley said...

I knew you did art at BYU, but I had no idea you got into the BFA program. Impressive!

The Redhead Riter said...

I love your dust bunny!

Visiting from SITS.

Crystal HW said...

WAY TO GO HOLLY! I am so glad that you were able to get out...it makes such a huge difference. It is great to hear you are taking up your art again.

Clueless_Mama said...

I am starting art classes this week. I love to draw and can't wait to start learning from a real teacher! Wish me luck, maybe we can share pictures with each other of our work. Do stick figures count? LOL

KC said...

I'm sorry to hear your BFA program was so bad that it put you off making art. I can relate- I taught in a dept. that was so messed up that once I left I felt like I was done with art history too. I really just needed to put some space between myself and the negative experience. Good for you for getting back to creating! I can't wait to see your stuff.

BOATBABY said...

That's fabulous! I never knew my husband was such a great artist (he's a computer geek by trade) until we started having family drawing nights. As for me, hmmm.... I guess I miss dancing. Not a skill per se, I never studied dance. But I LOVE to boogie and would love to study hula.

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