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Tuesday, April 27

Final Wilton Class Cake

Alas, my Wilton cake decorating class has come to an end. For our final cake we tackled the “Wilton Rose.” They’re kind of fun actually, you know…when you don’t want to chuck your frosting bag across the room because you can’t get the petals just right. Anyhow, after getting all my roses on the rest of the cake just looked so empty so I did a tribute to one of my favorite Cake Wrecks.
orange Wilton cake decorating class rose
I have to admit, I totally cheated on this cake. We were supposed to do a shell and sweet pea border instead of a star border. But you know what? I hate shells. And I hadn’t had a chance to practice them since last class. So, as my table-mate in class put it, I was a “rebel.” Because there’s nothing like using the wrong border to really stick it to the man! Viva la cake revolution!
Anyhow…the roses…here they are.
orange Wilton cake decorating class rose
orange Wilton cake decorating class roseMy best one ended up buried on the bottom of the pile, so I did one more and it ended up being better than the one that got covered up. But then it got a little smooshed by the lid of my cake carrier. That’s it to the left. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see the smooshage or not. Adam and our friend Liz didn’t seem to notice. So it’s all good. And here are a few more shots, just because I feel like it:
 orange Wilton cake decorating class rose  orange Wilton cake decorating class roseorange Wilton cake decorating class roseI finally figured out why I was getting so many little craters in my base coat of icing. And by “figured out” I mean I asked the teacher. Turns out I was over-mixing my icing. So this time my base coat turned out much better.  I went with an orange vanilla cake this time. It was OK. I think chocolate will always be my favorite {though the key lime cake we had at Lucy’s birthday and funfetti cake are yummy too}.
Anyway, I really, really enjoyed the class. And if supplies didn’t cost so freakin’ much I’d be signed up for the next course already. But for now, it will have to wait. In the mean time I have a LOT of leftover frosting with which I can practice those lovely roses and stupid shells.
What’s you favorite flavor of cake? Tell me in the comments.

8 Stubborn Stains:

Me, Myself and Pie said...

GREAT job on those roses! They're beautiful! Where did you take your wilton class? Your cake looks so professional!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL cake! (My favorite cake flavor is: chocolate.)

Mia @ Finding Balance said...

What a great cake. I'm going to have to start re-thinking calling myself a baker just because I open a cake box and swoosh some frosting on the bakings....You, and your rebel friend, did a great job!

Dave McDougall said...

Looks awesome! I LOVE the orange! I made the pecan spice from a box cake - DELICIOUS!

Jenn Galloway said...

That last comment was me - wrong login... That was my dads...

Crystal HW said...

I have this cake called Midnight BLiss Cake. SO YUMMY! I can email you the recipe if you want it. I have been told that using expresso or coffee instead of hot chocolate mix tastes great in it too, if you want to try it out.

I will have to take the class the next time around...looks like it was a blast to do.

iluvmygrlz said...

Wow, that's awesome, those flowers are so cool! Great job!

Karls said...

Pretty amazing! You are quite the cake decorator! Don't think I've decorated a cake in, ummmm, roughly 20 years! Last time would have been Home Ec - Cake Decorating - Year 9. Took it cause it seemed a bludge class. I wasn't. It was fun!

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