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Thursday, April 29

DIY Baby Doll Sling Tutorial


featured on Craft Gossip

I got my sewing machine set back up the other day {it’s been faaaar too long since last I sewed – my machine is broken so it’s a frustrating experience}. But I wanted to make something, anything really. So I decided to whip up a simple baby doll pouch sling for Lucy. I checked online and did find some how-to guides for making pouch slings. But I was feeling lazy and wanted something really easy. I didn’t want to have to adjust the measurements or do quite so many steps {even if it would make a nicer sling}. So I improvised.
At some point in the future I’ll probably make a nicer one {maybe once I have a working machine}. But in the meantime this gets the job done. And just in case you’re a lazy sewer too I present:
baby doll sling tutorial 
baby doll sling tutorial
First pick out your fabric. I just grabbed some from my fabric box. I estimated how long to cut it by wrapping it around Lucy {from hip to shoulder and back down to hip} but you could measure your child if you want. Then cut it longer than you think you need it to be. I cut mine about 6 inches wide. But just do what you think looks best for your kiddo. 
baby doll sling tutorial
Hem the long edges of your fabric strip. Make sure to fold over the right side {the pretty side of the fabric} and hem onto the wrong side {the back side, or ugly side of the fabric}. If you do it the opposite way the hemming seams will be on the outside of the doll sling and that won’t look nice.
baby doll sling tutorial
Fold the strip in half lengthwise making sure the wrong side is facing out.
baby doll sling tutorial
Sew the open ends together with a curved line. Then cut off the edges following the curve you’ve just sewn. In the above image the fold is to the left and the dotted line is what you’ll sew.
baby doll sling tutorial
Turn the sling right side out again and try it on your kiddo. If it fits, great! You’re all done. If it’s too big {and it probably will be because you cut it too long on purpose – better too big than too small!} then turn it wrong side out again and sew another curve next to the original curved seam. Then cut off the excess. Repeat until you’re happy with the fit.
See? Easy peasy! Just a few cuts, and a few lines of simple stitching. Enjoy! And if you make one of your own I’d love to see pictures so link ‘em in the comments!
By the way, these instructions are NOT suitable for a real baby carrier. Dolls only!

14 Stubborn Stains:

Stevie Jean said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I know my 3yo would love to have one of those!

Crystal HW said...

SWEET! I can make a matching one for Sam next week.

Kamity said...

Hahaha. I like your disclaimer at the end.

PS. You should feel loved. Firefox still won't let me comment on your blog, so I opened up a special IE window JUST FOR YOU. Yay.

Brittany said...

Fun idea! This is the kind of sewing project that I think even a novice sewer (such as myself) can tackle. Great step-by-step photos.

That is a great photo of Lucy, too! She looks so pleased :)


i like the giveaway link you have at the top of the page. looks nice!

Mia @ Finding Balance said...

Like the ease of it! Good job on a whim!

casserole said...

What a sweet project!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

MomBrose said...

Thanks for the detailed instructions!! I'm making these as Christmas gifts for my girls and had NO idea where to start :D

JodiAReed said...

What is the reason for the curved stitch, rather than a straight stitch?

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

JodiAReed, the curve makes a nice little pouch shape baby dolls/stuffies to sit in.

JodiAReed said...

I see. Thanks! :)

Jallápenno said...

Thank you! I too, have trolled the interwebs trying to find a simple carrier pattern (when yes, probably in the same amount of time I could have made one of the more complicated ones. whatever.)
Thanks for taking the time to post this!

Rbennett said...

I love your idea but don't sew, so here's my solution. I took one of my daughters t shirts and cut it straight across right under the armpits. Fold it in half into itself and then over one shoulder and place baby in. It would have been cuter with a colored or printed t-shirt and sturdier with a slighty thicker fabric than hanes cotton. If she loves it I will try my hand at a real one for her bday. Maybe I could find a similar fabric to the one I wear her baby sister in.

Dennis Vogt said...

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