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Tuesday, April 20

Clowns! *shudder*

So, this week in class we were making clown cakes. Clowns. Like this guy…
cake clown icing wilton
{image from Wilton.com}
And this guy isn’t so bad. But the photos of the example cake, well, they were kinda creepy. And you know what, if I have to make a creepy-ass clown cake then I’m gonna go ALL OUT.
 wilton cake class clown evil mocha
It says “Can’t sleep, Clowns will eat me!” And, may I just say, it’s pretty wilton cake class clown evil mochamuch impossible to get really black icing {red is no cake walk either…ha ha, cake walk, see what I did there?}. But, whatever. I still had fun in class, even if my colors were a bit disappointing. Did you notice the angry eyebrows? I added those myself with black nail polish, for that extra evil clown touch. I also piped a “666” on his back in red icing.
I feel this cake is more or less mediocre. And I’m OK with that. It was good practice and, more importantly, it is DELICIOUS. It’s a mocha cake with whipped espresso filling. OH MY GOD THE FILLING IS SO DELICIOUS! And it’s super easy to make. Here’s my recipe {which I created by improvising on a recipe I found online for a Kahlua filling because I didn’t have any Kahlua}.
Whipped Espresso Filling
1 cup whipping cream
1/3 cup sugar
whip until fluffy then fold in
1/2 package chocolate pudding mix
an equal amount powdered cappuccino mix and
2 tbs. espresso
whip until fully blended and fluffy
chill at least 30 minutes and try not to eat it all straight from the bowl
wilton cake class clown evil mocha
Enjoy! And if you decide to make it let me know what you think!

10 Stubborn Stains:

KK said...

I'm supposed to be going to bed, not craving cake! :)

Stephanie said...

Haha!! AWESOME!In a completely scary creepy way!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think that's WAY more than mediocre! Totally awesome!

Crystal HW said...

Mmmm, I might have to try a hot chocolate version for this Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It sounds delicious!

Natalie said...


That is the most amazing food coloring I have ever used. When you squeeze in a little of the black you actually get black icing. Oh and they come in little squeeze bottles so no more tooth picking out globs of gel. I highly recommend that set of colors. They are fabulous!

Pamela said...

This post has me all sorts of laughing. Dude, the 666 on the back (where's the picture of THIS) is the most creative part of this scary ass clown cake!! The eyebrows, ummmmm fabulous! The black icing..... yuuuummmm!

Brittany said...

Hilarious! In some ways though, I think the big 'ole yellow clown is even creepier. *shudder*

And oh. my. gosh. CANNOT wait to make the mocha deliciousness cake and filling. It brilliant!

Heather said...

He's so deliciously Evil!
If I was in this cake decorating class with you I would have been in hysterics, so it's probably good I'm not.

iluvmygrlz said...

Too funny! I think you did a great job, the cake looks delicious!

My husbands grandma collected clowns, so when she passed away she left them to the kids..so I have an attic full of them, EEK!

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