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Saturday, August 16

More Random Ramblings

I belong to the local Freecycle Group. Got a notice tonight that the leftovers from a 5 family garage sale were up for grabs. We managed to snag a box of canning jars, a bunch of big flower pots, some wooden utility shelves, a TV (with remote) and a few odd and ends. There were a lot of other things there that we just didn't need (bread machine, another TV, humidifier, etc.). And they gave us each a juice box of orange juice. Yum! I LOVE orange juice!

Earlier we got a notice for a free deep freeze...but it was way too big for our needs. Besides, when Adam asked how it was on power usage the current owner said it was good, it only ran them about $10 a month. Um...no thanks. That's not what I'd call "good" (it was an older freezer). The really dumb thing was that they were keeping the thing outside, in the sun and it had less stuff in it than our tiny little freezer (on the fridge) has in it. Talk about a waste of power/money.

In other news, Adam has now felt Lovey more than just the once. She kicked him a few times today. She's strong enough now that I can actually see my stomach move if she kicks hard enough (Adam still hasn't been able to see it). I'm currently calling her my little "belly Ninja."

I have been having messed up sleep lately. I can never seem to fall asleep (even if I'm tired) until I'm just absolutely exhausted. Then I sleep forever (with the exception of a few nights when I've woken up and couldn't get back to sleep for a while). So my sleep schedule is all screwy. Seeing as this is supposed to be the last chance I'll have for a decent night's rest for several years it's a little frustrating...mostly because I end up wide awake when Adam is zonked out and I get bored and lonely.

Lily has discovered the kitchen window. I'm not sure why she insists on getting up there. There's a window directly above it on the second floor that she's allowed to get in without being hollered at or squirted and there's a back door 4 times as big as the kitchen window. I guess she's just a glutton for punishment.

We found a used glider for the baby's room. It's super comfy! It came with a gliding ottoman. And, get this, it reclines! Ah, bliss! Now if we could just find some more regular chairs. We currently own two chairs and are borrowing two folding chairs from Church.

I guess there's not much else going on right now. But I like to post as often as I can. I think it's important to keep the material coming...even if it seems a little mundane. Take care!

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