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Tuesday, August 5

Don't Cry Over Spoiled Milk

Blech! Ugh! Ick! Gross! Ewww! I totally drank some bad milk today. I had it on my cereal and it tasted fine. There was just a tiny bit left in the carton so I didn't want to put the almost empty carton back in the fridge and decided to just drink it. Nasty! It's not past it's expiration date but it was definitely no good. Spoiled milk does NOT taste good. Now I'm just hoping it doesn't make me sick.

1 Stubborn Stains:

cwalburger said...

Ewww, Gross! That is just nasty!! I too would be hoping not to get sick. Hope all is well with you at your house. Maybe I will stop by tomorrow afternoon for a visit9(after calling first of course!)

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