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Tuesday, August 19


I've spent the last two days or so baking...but not in the traditional sense. It's gotten hot again! So I'm the one being baked! The current temperature is 34 C (that's 93 F for my American audience). At this point I'm relying on fruit juice popsicles, cool baths, and moving as little as possible to get by. Last night was the worst because we had a power outage for about 4 hours. You know what that means? That means no fan, and no humidifier (which is a cool mist model so it helps cool things down). Needless to say I didn't sleep too well.

The frustrating thing is that the heat makes doing anything productive about twenty times harder (on top of my aching hips making doing things more difficult). My grandmother sent me a recipe for chocolate cake that she says is the best she's ever had. Seeing as I am a chocolate cake addict I have been incredibly anxious to make it. But on top of not wanting the body heat the effort will generate I really don't want to be turning on the oven unless I have to, nor do I really feel like standing over a hot stove to make the frosting.

The good news is that it's supposed to get progressively cooler throughout the week with possible rain on Thursday.

2 Stubborn Stains:

cwalburger said...

i agree, it has been insanely hot here. I was glad when it was cooler today, and going to stay cooler until this weekend. The rain tomorrow and Thursday would be wonderful relief to these past couple weeks.

Ella White said...

The chocolate cake.....hmmm....

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