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Sunday, August 10

Catching Up On My Reading

Book #1

Book #2

Book #3

So...I've been meaning to read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer (a BYU alum). A friend finally loaned me her copies of the first three and I read them in less that 2 days. Adam is reading them too (working on the last one as I type). I expected to enjoy them. I have not been disappointed. I'm not sure how well they'll translate into movies (the first movie is due out in December). But I'm more interested in getting my hands on the next installment anyway. I won't go into details on the plot just in case I'm not the last person on earth to read them (besides Adam of course). And I can't say they've become my all time favorites...but they're still great fun. They're the kind of books I can see myself re-reading in the future. In fact I'd probably read them often enough that investing in my own collection would be a good plan. But there are some other books I need to get my hands on as well.

PS- I just checked out some promotional pictures for the new movie...can't say I'm pleased with the casting...at all. I'm worried the upcoming movie will be about as good as Eragon (in other words, terriblly, horribly awful). Really, truly, utterly unhappy with the casting decisions. Almost no one looks like I pictured them (maybe Bella...and maybe Jasper is ok, though not how I pictured him). Edward especially looks all wrong. So that's disappointing. But hey, at least if the movie turns out to be a big fiasco I can still enjoy the books.
Edit: I looked at some stills from the movie, much better than the promotional photos. Still...not quite what I pictured. But at least not dreadful. There may be hope for the movie after all...

Book #4 (which I am yet to read)

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cwalburger said...

So I will be picking up the 4th book today. that means you can borrow it in a couple days. Also, check out this site, it has stuff about the movie:
See ya tonight for song practice!

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