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Saturday, August 30

Cereal Killer

I am a cereal killer. I can scarf the stuff down like a Hoover gobbles dirt. Which is why I get depressed every time I go down a Canadian grocery store cereal aisle. The selection up here leaves much to be desired. Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Pebbles? Nope. Just Nesquik which isn't as good and is made by Nestle. Kix? Nope. Can't get that either. Captain Crunch? Well...you can get a TINY box for five-something a pop but don't expect crunch berries. And the Corn Pops are a different shape (but I don't often eat them so I haven't yet sampled them to see if they taste different than the US variety). Granted, I don't often eat junk cereal anyway. But man, when you get a pregnancy craving for something and it simply isn't available it's torture (but only if you're somewhat melodramatic like me).

And don't even get me started on the prices of cereal up here. All I'm going to say is that it's STINKIN' EXPENSIVE!

The one kernel of joy I have found concerning cereal here comes from the amusement provided by the sign in the cereal aisle at one particular store: "Adult Cereal." Um...what? "Adult Cereal?" Really? As in, XXX Cereal? Shouldn't all the boxes have black plastic covers on them? And do I really want "Adult Cereal" for breakfast? And I don't even want to know what kinds of shapes the marshmallows come in!

OK...you're now free to leave snarky comments about my dirty sense of humor.

1 Stubborn Stains:

Mrs. Jones said...

Love it!!!!

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