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Thursday, December 3

Good News x 2

Here I sit, staring at my blogging program trying to decide what exciting news I should share first. See, this morning I woke up to find that I am one of six finalists in the Blog To Inspire contest I entered. Just last night I was telling Adam I didn’t think I would be chosen {and I may or may not have been pouting about it}. But I was wrong {oh how I love being wrong some times}! Here’s what YOU need to know:
Voting starts tomorrow {Dec. 4th} at 11am EST.
Voting ends Dec. 11th at noon EST.
I would love to have your vote {you could consider it your birthday present to me}. I would love to have your support. Please tweet about the contest, share it on Facebook, whatever you feel comfortable doing. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my entry. You helped me be selected as a finalist. And frankly, ALL of you help me be a better writer. The more followers I get the more I feel driven to provide you with quality content. Thank you for making this blogging thing so much fun and so rewarding.
So there’s that bit of exciting news.
But that’s not all. No, it’s definitely not all.
Last night,
my baby took her first step.
Two, in fact.
I immediately jumped up and spoke in a high pitched voice of excitement…promptly followed by crying.
My little baby is growing up.
She’s not a baby anymore. She’s a toddler. She toddles.
And yet, she’ll always be my baby.

7 Stubborn Stains:

One Cluttered Brain said...

ohhh. CUTE baby....congrats on her walking..

AND congrats for being chosen in blogs to inspire contest..YEAH...doing a happy dance for ya!

pamela said...

Eeek that is so much excitement!!

Congrats on the nomination!

and welcome to the life of toddlers!

Heide said...

Yay, I love good news! Congrats on all fronts, and good luck with your wee little waddler!

Mommy Bear said...

Congrats on both! She is adorable!

Crystal HW said...

It is always nice to hear good news, even if it is someone else's good news!


Anonymous said...

That IS exciting news!! My daughter just took her first steps a few weeks ago and I screamed when she did it (and I still do actually...)! It's such a great time - so many developments in so little time :D

KK said...

Congrats to you and the baby!

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