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Thursday, December 31

2009: The Year In Review

In January I survived the first month of parenthood and more fully realized how much my life had changed. I learned just how LOUDLY a baby can fart. Adam started classes for his second degree {which has nothing to do with his first degree}. And we began using cloth diapers.
In February we announced our exit from Mormonism. We enjoyed a great visit with Lucy’s Uncle Jared. Then my inner mama-bear made her first appearance in the form of a rant.
In March I celebrated MS Awareness by writing educational posts and you helped me raise funds for the MS Walk. I also learned that parents will try anything to get a baby to stop crying.
In April I struggled to learn how to do my own blog design. I also had a dental adventure.
In May I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mama. I finally launched my new blog design {which has since been replaced}. I started taking better care of my body. And Lucy wrote her very first blog post.
In June we took Lucy on her first road trip. I finally became a permanent resident of Canada…and it SNOWED {yes, in JUNE}. I learned how to make tutus. I also let you in on my toilet cleaning secret.  I finally submitted to temptation that is Twitter.  And I came to terms with my birth dissatisfaction.
In July I had fun celebrating Canada Day and prepared for the announcement I made in August.
In August I unveiled my graphic design business. We flew to Ohio to visit my family and had a mini-adventure on the way there. And I had wonderful guest bloggers while I was on vacation.
In September I made my first {and thus far, only} video tutorial. I shared my thoughts on arguing. Adam went to court. And I had trouble getting my hair dyed purple.
In October Yeti Freddy became a part of my life. I opened up about being a bullying victim. Lucy did another blog post. And we had a great Halloween dressed as Beatles’ songs.
In November I started {but did not finish} NaNoWriMo. We found a new apartment. And I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.
In December my Lucy began to walk. We had a big party to celebrate her first birthday. I reflected on her first year and managed to not cry my eyes out. Lucy met Santa and was less than thrilled about it. I made two of Lucy’s uncles {Spencer and Jared} feel welcome when they came to visit and we enjoyed the holidays. I also celebrated 4 years of marriage with Adam.
And now, on the eve of 2010 I can’t help but wonder what exciting changes the year will bring. The last year has been a good one, a great one, filled with baby tears and laughter, growth, hard work, fun, new ideas and lots and lots and lots of nursing sessions. Thank you for all you’ve contributed to my blog and my life this past year. May the new year treat you as well as the last year treated me.

6 Stubborn Stains:

Laila Maul-Kozlowski said...

You didn't learn how to design blogs until April?!?! You seriously rock! I love your blog and I can't wait to keep reading in 2010! Happy New Years to your and your family! :o)

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Sounds like you've had an awesome year ... cupcake with sprinkles awesome! ;) As far as I'm concerned, things can only get better ... so maybe this will be your "magic no-calorie cheesecake" year too!


Sarah @ barefaced approach said...

Indeed a wonderful year for you and your family and many more to come. Cheers! Happy New Year Holly, Adam and Lucy!!! :D

Crystal HW said...

What a full, fun year in so many ways!

Happy New Year to you three!

Tina Lane said...

You did a lot last year, lady. I am excited to hear more about Canada, the new baby, and the new biz.

Stopping by form SITS. PS LOVE your blog title.

jonewman said...

This post is amazing...what a great idea...I will steal it and post my own "best of 2009"...hope that's okay? I love your layout am glad you were chosen today! I'm going to start to follow you cuz you kinda sound like how I sometimes am...Happy SITS Day!

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