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Saturday, January 2


I don’t know what I want in 2010. I really, honestly, have no clue for which goals I want to reach. I’m thinking about it, thinking hard. But I still don’t know. I failed to meet a lot of goals I set for myself last year. But I also did a lot of things I never expected to do. Last year I picked 1 word to describe my hopes for the year. That word was “stretch.” I stretched in a lot of ways I didn’t think I would, though I could have stretched farther. I like the idea of choosing a single word as my theme for a year. But I can’t settle on what word I should embrace for 2010: Productivity? Simplify? Service? I just. don’t. know.
Maybe you can help me. Tell me in the comments what your goals/resolutions/etc. are for 2010. If you could pick one word to represent your hopes for the new year what would it be? Maybe I’ll get some ideas…

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Maniacal Mom said...

I plan to take care of me A LOT more. I have spent the last 9 yrs caring for everyone BUT me! This is 2010 and it's time to make my life a 10!

Laila Maul-Kozlowski said...

For me this year is about education and writing. I'll do my Reiki in the spring (or as my husband calls it my "woo woo" stuff :P) and then also some other intuitively holistic types of training. I'm also aiming to get into to the Social Work program in 2011, but before I can even apply I need 100 hours of volunteer work and a few other things, so I am planning on completing that as well by fall. I dropped out of pre-med in '97 to take care of my mom and then never went back and since then I've been putting off my education for so many years now, that enough is enough! :D Plus I love to write, so my aim is to write at least 3 times a week, whether that is my blog or just my own personal journal. :o)

Anonymous said...

I don't do resolutions - however, God puts a theme on my heart every year - so each year becomes The Year of. . . - like The Year where I find more laughter and joy in the moment. However, these resolutions do not come in January necessarily. This last one started in April! Or was it June? I have laughed more and found more joy because I tried!

Katie said...

In one word?! ORGANIZED! I figure if I can do that, then I'll get a lot accomplished! :)


Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.com said...

Ah! I'm an opportunity for self promotion,err- umm,I mean- to help anothe blogger in need!


Life with Kaishon said...

I only have one goal every year. And I fail every year. Lose weight!

Hope you have a great year and all your goals come true : )

Diar A. said...

Hi, Holly! Found you via the SITS website.

My word for 2010 is GROWTH, simply because that's what I want to make and witness in all aspects of my life throughout the year (including, God's will, a growth inside my belly, hopefully).

So, have you settled with one word, Holly? Why not share on a separate post on your blog? Would love to read it :)

The Green Family said...

Hi Holly! I'm here via SITS Ü I'm working on a resolution to not DIET but be more aware of what I"m shoving in mouth. It's amazing once you start looking at calories how fast that adds up and increases the size of my BUTT!

Two Normal Moms said...

Hmmm, I think simplify would be my resolution word. For sure. I've been headed that way for a while now, but really want to make it happen this year.

Anonymous said...

I want to have more patience and take care of myself and the obvious lose weight! I am glad I found your blog. This year I am trying to improve my writing and am reading blogs that inspire me you are on the list and I am following!

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