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Saturday, December 12

Walkin’ in a Winter ONE-derland!

Wow. I am exhausted! Stayed up late, got up early, and worked like crazy to get everything ready but the party went off without a hitch. So hooray! And now, for your viewing pleasure, I’m giving you the grand tour of every. single. detail.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
So, let’s begin with decorations. This is the dining room. The big, blue, fluffy balls are Martha Stewart tissue papers balls. I got the kit on sale at Michael’s. And really they inspired the whole theme. Originally I had planned on doing a Dr. Seuss or Lorax themed party. I had wanted the tissue paper ball kit in the pink and orange color scheme because they reminded me of Truffula trees from The Lorax. Then I saw that they were on sale…but only the blue green kit. I love blue right now and wondered what I could do with that…and the idea for a winter theme came to me. After all, Lucy is a winter baby! I left the two greenish tissue paper balls out since they didn’t really match. And I picked up blue and white streamers at the dollar store. I also put homemade snowflake decals on the chairs.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
The foam snowflakes were on walls all over the apartment. We hooked up my laptop to our TV and had a slideshow of pictures of Lucy from birth through her first year playing during the party. We also had an iTunes playlist of songs she likes or that make me think of her playing the whole time. Here’s the playlist:
  • Birthday – The Beatles
  • I’m Like a Bird – Nelly Furtado
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Black Crowes
  • In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride
  • Winter Wonderland – Gordon Jenkins & His Orchestra/Louis Armstrong
  • Waltz of the Flowers – Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker)
  • Golden Slumbers – Ben Folds
  • Baby Mine – Alison Krauss
  • Fidelity – Regina Spektor
  • Simple Gifts – Yo-Yo Ma & Alison Krauss
  • Blackbird – Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe)
  • Say Hey (I Love You) – Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • New Soul – Yael Naim {Lucy liked this song while she was still in the womb!}
  • Neverland Medley – Kenny Loggins
  • River Lullaby – Amy Grant
  • I Feel It All – Feist
  • Dear Prudence – Across the Universe cast
  • Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles
  • 1234 – Feist

Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
These flowers were for me in celebration of me, you know, doing that whole “giving birth thing.”  I specifically requested hinted that I wanted white ones so they could double as party decor. Then we put them in a vase with blue glass gems and fake ice. I also added in the two blue glitter stick “thingies” and the silver “thingy.”
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday    
I’ve had the little snowglobe on the left since high school. It says “Ice Ice Baby” and has an ultrasound picture in it. I picked up the bigger snowglobe at the drugstore. And I’ve had the square block frame for a while. It came from Michael’s. The fake ice I scattered about also came from Michael’s. I had a few pictures of Lucy in her birthday dress printed ahead of time and used little display easels from the dollar store to showcase them.

Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
This was the favor/prize/guessing jar table.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
I picked up some blue jelly beans at Bulk Barn and let my guests try to guess how many were in the jar (from Michael’s). There were exactly 250. The winner got to keep the jar {which has silver snowflakes I drew with a sharpie} and the jelly beans of course!
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
Each guest received a goody bag with Wint-O-Green mints, a glitter snowflake ornament, and a scratch off “lotto” ticket. I got the idea for the scratch and win tickets from ArtMind. I drew the animal images {seal, beluga, and white caribou} myself {just like the invitations} on the computer. Then printed them on cardstock. If you’d like to use them for your own party just click on the images below, then right-click and “save as.” Make sure you get both pages. One is all winner cards and the other is all loser cards. Guests who got a winning card got to pick a prize…
Winter Wonderland ONEderland Birthday Party download free image Winter Wonderland ONEderland Birthday Party download free image
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
The prizes all matched the theme. The polar bear cup and snowflake cookie cutter came from Walmart. Everything else came from Michael’s. I had a polar bear ornament, polar bear craft kit, two snowflake stamps, a blue and white candle, a snowflake wand, a blue glitter crown, and a snowflake soap.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
The party “photo booth” is a popular idea I’ve seen all over the web. Mine wasn’t anything too fancy, just a blue plastic tablecloth from the dollar store and some of my foam snowflakes. Guests who wanted to got to have their picture taken in front of the backdrop and I’ll be sending them the files.
Now, on to food…
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
I got light blue plates and napkins from the dollar store.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
We served veggies and dip, and celery with creme cheese {or “snowy celery”} as well as cheese and crackers {“sleds”} as the non-sugary snacks. We had mozzarella and white cheddar to keep with the blue and white theme. All the foods were labelled with the little snowflake place-cards {from, where else? Michael’s}.And they all had winter names. For example, we served melted snow {milk} and melted ice {soda}.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
This cake was a key-lime coconut cake. It was a combo of two recipes. I followed the instructions for the cake from here but omitted the glaze and used canned frosting {with 1 tsp lime juice}.  And instead of baking it in a pan I followed the baking instructions here {minus the cream cheese center} to get a round snowball look. I really liked this cake. It was yummy.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
I knew not everyone would want a cake with coconut so I planned chocolate cupcakes as well. Adam baked them and I frosted them. I was running late on preparations and they weren’t frosted until right before the party was set to begin. Fortunately my Twitter friend Krista gave me a cupcake frosting hint that is AWESOME and made it super easy and super quick to frost all the cupcakes. Melt your frosting in the microwave, then just dip the cupcakes in it. Easy peasy! I used a mix of plain white cupcake liners and pretty blue, patterned liners by Martha Stewart {from Michael’s}. But in the future I’ll bake the cupcakes in plain liners, then put a second liner on top because you couldn’t really see the color or pattern very well after baking the chocolate cupcakes in them.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
These “icebergs” are cake balls {made famous by Bakerella}. I used white cake and blue candy melts {with blue sprinkles, both from Michael’s}. The snowflake garland {which was also used around the cake} was from...you know, I probably don't even have to tell you where I got it. These cake balls were a BIG hit, especially with the kids. The mini cupcake liners had a snowflake print. I can't remember where I found them, possibly Walmart or Superstore. And I may or may not have eaten a dozen of these things in the process of making them…
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday      This was Lucy’s personal cake. It’s also based on a Bakerella project. I didn’t have any white sanding sugar for my snowglobe so I just used more of the blue sprinkles. I may or may not have sliced my thumb with an exacto trying to make the globe part and then insisted Adam do it. And before anybody mentions to me that penguins and polar bears don’t live in the same place let me say this: I know. But the little polar bear toy I had and the little seal toy I had were too big for the snow globe cupcake. Besides, sometimes they DO live in the same place. It’s called the zoo. So there.

Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday And here I am, with my little snow princess. She might hate headbands but she was totally cool with her birthday crown. She stayed up late, got up early, and woke up early from her only nap before the party. So she wasn’t in the most social mood. I wore her for part of the party. But by the end she let a few people hold her for a few minutes.  Her birthday dress came from Etsy and her snowflake shoes came from Superstore.
Winter ONEderland Wonderland party first birthday
This was her very first taste of cake. She didn’t really know what to do with it. For the longest time she just sat there holding it and crumbling it. Eventually a little bit made it into her mouth. Tuesday {her actual birthday} I’m gonna give her another chance to have some, but with frosting!
So there we go. Months of obsessing planning, hours upon hours of crafting, and hours upon hours of baking for a few hours of party. But you know what? It was totally worth it. :)
PS: I think this most definitely counts for the December Photo Challenge, don’t you? Come back tomorrow for another picture.
PPS: Michael’s in no way sponsored this post. But they could have saved me a lot of cash if they had. Geez, they didn’t even offer!

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Krista said...

Everything you did looks fantastic! Happy first birthday Baby & birthing day mama!

Annie said...

WOAH!! I thought I was awesome for decorating a barbie doll cake my little girl's first birthday - you blew my party out of the water! I love the photo booth idea! I had party favors but some of the kids forgot to take them LOL
I love all your food!! AMAZING job!!
Happy 1 year bday!!

Lauren @solstice621 said...

Wow!!! You did such an awesome job! You seem to have thought of EVERYTHING. The theme was great. Good for you! What a great memory to have:) Was it emotional for you? I cried at my daughter's first birthday (it's on video, so embarassing).
Thanks for sharing!

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Thanks Krista and Annie.

Lauren: I was so busy thinking about the party that I didn't have time to be emotional. But I imagine Tuesday {her actual birthday} will probably be a very emotional day for me. She's not my little baby anymore, she's my little toddler. But she'll always be my baby, ya know?

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!!! [clapping]

Holly, this is absolutely lovely! You gave Lucy a gorgeous Winter One-derland birthday that she may not remember but definitely brag about when she's older. The whole theme was fantastic and you really got creative with it. Again, my hat is off to you!

This just proves your awesomeness! :D

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Amazing ideas there! You are incredibly creative.

Jeanette Bennett said...

I was going to be cynical and ask "Yes but will anyone appreciate all your hard work?" But you have photos! Someday when Lucy is an ungrateful snotty teenager and asks "You never do anything for me", you can show this to her! That right there will make all the hard work pay off.

Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

Thank you Sarah and Sara!

Jeanette: *I* appreciate my hard work! lol Seriously though, I <3 planning, especially with a theme. And I never really got to plan my wedding, so this kinda makes up for that.

KK said...

Wow, I love all the details!

Jason, Ginny and Oliver said...

What a lucky little girl to have a Mom who went to such lengths for her first birthday!! Looks like the party was a success. I will have to remember some of your good ideas. Good work!

Anonymous said...

THAT LOOKS RAD!! I love planning and organizing parties and I love all of the details you included! What a great theme too! It wasn't all girly and froo-froo which can be kinda uncool since most baby birthday parties have just one baby and the rest of the guests are adults. LOVES IT!

Candice said...

Wow, amazing!! I am in total awe of your party giving skills. I would want to keep those decorations up until Spring :-)

Mrs. Jones said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I can't believe that she is already 1 year old!!

Ohboymama said...

So cute! Love the ice. :)

Rosanna =) said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas!! It looked like a beautiful party! I guess I should start planning for my son's first birthday party NOW!! His birthday is in May.... =P

You've inspired me!

serene kitten said...

The whole set up looks AMAZING! I'm envious!

Crystal HW said...

Alayna sure had fun. She even told me about the Snowflake wand and the food. It was all she could talk about in Primary on Sunday.

Evonne said...

I love all the party stuff! And you're snow princess is very cute!

Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...


Stuff Parents Need said...

I really loved getting to see this. You did an AWESOME job! I got so many ideas from this post; thank you!

Jen said...

What a wonderful 1st birthday and theme! First time here- stopping over from The Masked Mommy.

Creative and Curious Kids!

Mrs. Chastain said...

I love the music playlist you did. Disney and The Beatles, we have so much in common!


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