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Wednesday, August 5

Look Out World. Here She Comes!

random 036

Lu has been able to hold herself in a standing position {when placed that way} for some time. That’s what she’s doing in the above picture. But today? Today she pulled herself to standing. I’d show you a picture but she fell on her butt as soon as the camera was on and ready {note to self: get faster camera}. I now have a sitting, rolling, crawling, standing baby.

When did your baby start walking?


17 Stubborn Stains:

Anonymous said...

Uh Oh! Next thing you know, she'll be creeping along the furniture, and then letting go!

The best/worst part about it? She can now reach higher.

G, my eldest, started really walking at about 14 months. He was always a bit late - he doesn't like to stop to learn new skills, but once he gets going, it's hard to catch up with him!

E is my youngest, and he's just a bit older than your Lu - he's been creeping for about a month now, and getting faster! He's also starting to let go and stand on his own. :P He's 11 months old.

Crystal HW said...


Harmony said...

Isn't it a great moment, but now is when the real following them around starts. Xander has been pulling up to stand for about three weeks now and he is getting much better now at landing on his bottom when he falls.

Nate's Mama said...

Ah, pulling up! Fun stuff! Make sure not to leave drinks at the edge of any tables from now on. ;)

My son started taking steps right when he turned 1 and he started full-out walking around 13 months. It's a lot of fun!

Sabrina @ Twiggles and Trunks said...

Bunny started walking at 9.5 months. Her older Sister, Bear didn't walk until a week before her 1st BDay. I remember being so excited about Bear walking. Now with Bunny doing it much sooner makes me sad; she'll be into that much more things now & much faster too!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Yay for Lu! What a milestone! Better start childproofing ... you're gonna need it soon. :)

I don't remember when Colin started walking exactly, but I know Cameron was later - he didn't take any independent steps until he was almost 13 months old (though he'd been pulling himself up and creeping along holding onto stuff for a while by that time). I thought he'd NEVER walk!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh.

Anonymous said...

My first started walking the week of his 1st BD - my second was a bit later at 14 months -- I kept wondering if he would EVER walk! :)

Fun times -- congrats on the milestone

The Mumpowers said...

My little girl, Ashlyn, just started crawling and tries to pull herself up. Any day now!

Kimberly said...

What a big girl!

imemary said...

For some reason this picture reminds me of Rocky. There oughta be triumphant music in the background.

{Katie Lane} said...

Yep, I see some red. She's a doll!

MommyBrain said...

First of all, I am in l-o-v-e with your blog. Seriously, it's one of the cutest I've seen all week ... and I've been doing lots of blog hopping through SITS (I just joined). Anyway, love it and I'll be back :)

Secondly, your daughter is adorable! And prepare for a life-changing month ... pulling up, cruising, walking is exhausting for you and her. My little darling hit this milestone just after her first birthday :)

MommyBrain said...

P.S. I grabbed your butt-on ;)

Ashlee said...

That is an adorable picture! She's gorgeous! Thing 1 started walking the week of her 1st birthday and Thing 2 starting walking at 9 months old. This is my 1st visit to your blog and I'm in love. I'll definitely be back! Great site!!!

Christie Burnett said...

A gorgeous photo. My daughter began to walk nine days before her first birthday. It is so exciting when they start to cruise the furniture and then start to walk, it opens up a whole new world to them.



boatbaby said...

Zach didn't start walking until 19 months... but we joke that he popped out of the womb talking.

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