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Thursday, August 20

Planes, Taxis, and Ambulances?

I’m going to share my ultimate travel tip with you. Trust me, you definitely want to follow this advice:


Vacation plus 008

Yup, if there’s one piece of vacation guidance I could give that would definitely be it.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter you might have caught this tweet:


See, here’s the thing: apparently upon an airplane’s descent one’s blood pressure can do funky things. Sometimes those funky things can make you feel really, really crappy. And sometimes when you feel really, really crappy your breathing {and therefore oxygen intake} change just enough to make you weak, numb, and tingly. {And when I say “weak” I’m talkin’ about the uggghhh-I-can’t-stand-or-hardly-speak-somebody-please-help-me-kind-of-weak.} And if you wait it out everything clears up and you’ll be fine and dandy.

Now, generally, flight attendants don’t moonlight as doctors. So they don’t know this. They do know that if an otherwise healthy, young woman suddenly finds herself practically unable to move that it’s usually wise that the paramedics be called. And that’s cool. Except that once paramedics are involved the airline require a note from a doctor assuring the patient can safely fly.

And in our case that means missing our next flight, taking all our carry-on luggage and a baby with us in the ambulance, waiting about an hour in the ER so that a obnoxiously, rude doctor can charge us an extra fee for filling out a form for the airline telling them I can fly in 12 to 24 hours {just in case}. Then it means waiting around even longer while trying to contact the airline so we can fly the next day and find a hotel that isn’t completely full. After spending what seems like an eon playing phone tag we then get to take a taxi {not cheap} to the hotel {also not cheap} only to find out the lady who made the reservation for us sent us to the wrong place. So…we take another taxi {still not cheap} to the right hotel. And, since it’s after 10 and we haven’t eaten since breakfast we order a pizza…pizza which takes over an hour to get delivered {can you say “no tip!”}.

The bright side to all this was that we ended up getting to visit Adam’s folks the next day. They helped us navigate the Toronto airport and get things sorted out with Air Canada. The rest of the vacation went quite well. I’m perfectly healthy. And everything is back to normal…except I still have gunk on my skin from those medical stick-ums.

Vacation plus 009

Lesson learned? Next time I feel crummy, DON’T HYPERVENTILATE. Also?

NEVER EVER SAY "What could possibly go wrong?" {not even as a joke}!


7 Stubborn Stains:

The Mumpowers said...

I'm sorry your vacation started out rocky, but very glad that you're okay! I never knew that could happen from the descent so I'll have to keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are ok! Good to know about the BP thing. Has that ever happened to you while flying before?
Vanessa Mueller

Crystal HW said...

CRAZY! It is nice to know that in case I ever fly anywhere. Glad to hear that atleast after this everything went smoothly.

Loree Siermachesky said...

You and your blood pressure, girl! I seem to remember it taking a nose dive at other time as well...glad to know you're okay and the trip went much better!

Stephanie Faris said...

Oh my. I'm so sorry! What I think sucks about trips to the hospital while on vacation is I could have used SICK LEAVE for that if it had happened any other time. Is that weird to think? I have 3 months of sick leave saved up but not nearly as much vacation time.

Anyway, glad the rest of the trip went well. Stopping by from SITS, looking for new blogs!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Oh noooo, what a fiasco! I was wondering when I saw that tweet! I'm so glad the rest of the vacay went more or less as planned.

Kimberly said...

Oh dear, sounds like you had a rough start. Glad it got better!

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