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Saturday, December 27

A Deluge of Digital Daguerrotypes

Well, for those of you who enjoy seeing pictures, this post will be a treat. I hope you appreciate it, because it took forever to upload these from my slow, sad computer. First, the Christmas pictures...

Here is our Christmas tree ($2 at a garage sale) in all it's glory. We have no star (couldn't afford one this year). But I guess we could have gone this route.

My stocking, and Lucy's stocking.

Daddy helped Lucy with her stocking.

What could be in it?

Ah-ha! The match (a la Merry Christmas Mr. Bean)!

Here's a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Shumate!

Lucy sure seems to be having fun ripping off that wrapping paper!

Boy! She's excited!

Here's a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Stevens! Doesn't Lucy look thrilled?

She can hardly contain her joy.

Wow! How neat! Look familiar?

Now to open the gift from Mama and Daddy.

A thoroughly Canadian version of Noah's ark!

Cats LOVE Christmas. They also love to drive Adam and I completely batty by constantly messing with our Christmas tree, not unlike these felines.

And now, for other pictures, not related to Christmas...

This painting (by Adam's dad) was recently given to us. The picture does not do it justice. Neither does the image on his website. It's much more beautiful in person. Every time I walk by it I get a little excited.

Look Ma, no hands! Yup, that's Lucy in that pouch.

And this would be the face that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Unfortunately I snapped this shot just a second too soon. Had I waited a moment I would have caught a full on smile. But the smiles are happening with more frequency so hopefully we'll catch one soon.

No, she is not letting loose a Klingon death cry.* It's just a yawn.

Behold, the first bath! She looks miserable, but she actually seemed to quite enjoy it. (Sorry about the sideways-ness.)

*"the death cry ritual, for, whereupon the death of a worthy warrior, fellow comrades will roar and howl to warn the dead that a fearsome and honourable soul is about to join Kahless The Unforgettable and enter Sto-Vo-Kor, being the after-life domain of fallen warriors."

4 Stubborn Stains:

Laura said...

hmm, it's kind of hard to comment when you're taken away from the page of pictures to leave the comments! but cute stocking for Lucy :) and wonderful ecstatic, energetic pics of her opening presents! yay for Mr. Bean-- I have been wanting to see that for a long time (especially the brass quintet part), so i requested it from the library... haven't gotten it yet.
wow, how did you transport Dad's painting?? we don't have a cool one like that!

Laura said...

grrrr I just left a long comment and something happened and it got lost in the cyberword >:(
the gist was: cute pics! cute baby! cute stocking! 3 cheers for Mr. Bean!

Holly said...

You know, I tried to change the settings so comments can be posted w/o leaving the page, but then everybody told me they couldn't post comments at all. *shrug*

The painting was just recently shipped to us via Greyhound.

And I think you're the very first of the Shumate clan to comment on our blog.

Holly said...

It didn't get lost. It just had to be approved. I check all comments before they get posted so that people don't post links to porn or anything.

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