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Monday, November 1

eShakti {a review}

What seems like ages ago {I am a bad blogger, BAD BLOGGER} eShakti contacted me and asked me to do a review.  I chose a lovely wool coat.* With the cold finally having made it to our neck of the woods {including some snow earlier thiss week*} I pulled the coat out from the back of the closet and realized just how naughty a blogger I had been.

So, better late than never right?

Just nod and say “right.”

And now…for my review:

eShakti is a unique clothing site because, get this, they will tailor the clothes to your measurements. In fact, you can even customize products. Like this dress but wish you could get it in a below-the-knee length? eShakti can do that. {PS: That dress would be friggin’ fabulous for a Christmas party!} Gotta have this cute little suit jacket, but need a long sleeve version {because, oh…I dunno…your office is always cold…*coughcoughIwouldn’tknowanythingaboutthatcoughcough*)? eShakti can do that too. I think it’s a really clever, and novel idea. The prices are comparable to off-the-rack clothing at nicer retail stores like The Bay, or Macy’s, or whatever your local version of such stores is. A word of warning to Canadian buyers though, you may end up paying duty upon delivery {I did}.

Overall, I’m happy with eShakti. Someday I think I’d like to try ordering something more fitted than a coat, and see how it turns out. But I’m trying not to buy too much clothes right now {because, and I’m totally not complaining, I’m losing weight fast enough that my size isn’t staying the same for very long}. When I do order again I’ll be sure to do another review.

If you’d like to give eShakti a try you can use the promo code Ho5J4U to get 15% off until the end of November {I think Christmas party dresses are calling your name - *wink wink*}!


*eShakti provided the coat, and a discount code if I would like to review additional items. This post was otherwise non-compensated; it contains my honest opinion.

**Curse you Canada! I hate your weather but I love your health care!

1 Stubborn Stains:

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

haha! You're not the only bad blogger ... I still need to do my eShakti review as well. I love the shirt I got from them ... like eight months ago. *gulp*

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