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Monday, November 8

Applications Are DONE


Just an update on Adam’s situation. His applications are in. We decided together that this year his best bet would be to apply only to the Alberta schools {sniff…sniff…bye-bye UBC}. The back up plan is for Adam to transfer to the University of Calgary and work on completing a Bachelor’s of Science while reapplying. So, unless he gets into the University of Alberta {in Edmonton} and not UofC we’ll be moving to Calgary next summer. But UofC is Adam’s first choice. It’s a year-round program that only takes 3 years instead of 4…also, have you any idea how miserable Edmonton winters can be?

The applications were a pain. They want soooo much detail. In fact, the UofA demanded three references {non-family} *just* to confirm that Adam has, indeed, lived where he says he’s lived throughout his life. What the heck?

Adam got glowing recommendations to send to the schools. He has excellent MCAT scores. His GPA isn’t as good as some applicants, but still acceptable to med-school wannabes. So now, we wait…and wait…and wait…

…until February.

February is when interview invitations are sent. After interviews you get a few more months of waiting. It’s a pretty miserable process. But at least the hard part is done. Halle-freakin-lujah!


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VM Sehy Photography said...

Good luck!

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