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Monday, November 8

Dear Hacker

Dear Hacker,

I think you may be unaware that it is beyond rude to hack into someone else’s Gmail account. It is a violation of privacy, and, I’m pretty sure, illegal. Your amoral and inconsiderate actions caused me to temporarily lose access to not only my own e-mail account, but my blogging account as well. You interrupted my “bad blogger week,” my weekend, and my sense of security. You stole personal information so you could spam not only my friends and family, but my boss’s clients, my blogging peers and sponsors, and people I contacted only once or twice many years ago. I suppose I should consider it a small favor that at least you did the spamming in such ridiculous Engrish that it seems none of the people you contacted actually thought the e-mail came from me. And perhaps I should thank you for reminding me that not everyone in this world is a decent human being. So thanks, thanks for reminded me that scum like you are out there ready to take advantage of anyone you can for your own gain. Thanks for making me look like an idiot. And thanks for wasting my time and energy.

In other words,

thanks for nothing.



4 Stubborn Stains:

TopHat said...

I got that email! I just assumed you were hacked and ignored it. I still like you. :)

VM Sehy Photography said...

Sorry to hear about this! Hope you have it all straightened out. Did you report it to Google?

Gwen said...

How did you get it fixed? Was your password changed?

Jenny said...

That sucks. Good thing you got everything back :)

I told myself if I ever get hacked, they can have it all. I wouldn't care, it would just give me an excuse to play WoW more often ;P

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