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Saturday, October 2

The Secret Date

Adam knows how to plan a fun surprise. Our super secret date was the Medicine Hat Beer Fest {something I wasn’t even aware existed}. It was super fun. We even lucked out and got extra tasting tickets when we were given our tasting mugs. We ended up buying 5 more towards the end of the night so we were able to sample 20 different beers:

  • Alley Kat Brewery: Aprikat
  • Artisan Ales: Charlevoix Vache Folle Imperial Stout
  • Delancey Direct: Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry
  • Epoch Imports: Nelson After Dark and Nelson Wild Honey
  • Half Pints Brewing Company: Little Scrapper IPA
  • McClelland Premium Imports: Stiegl Lager and Erdinger Weiss
  • Molson: Granville Island Maple Cream
  • Peter Mielzynski Agency: Innis and Gunn Highland Cask
  • Premier Brands: Warsteiner Dunkel
  • Pure Global Imports: St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
  • Purple Valley Imports: 1488 Blonde Ale {a whisky ale}
  • River Valley Beverage Group: Witches’ Brew Golden Ale and Mississippi Mud
  • Spider Beverage: Crabbies Ginger Beer and Banana Bread Beer
  • Tree Brewing: Thirsty Beaver
  • Yukon Brewers: Yukon Red and Discovery Ale

My favorites of the night were the Innis and Gunn Highland Cask {which is made in 21 year old oak scotch barrels, and had a caramel flavor}, the Witches’ Brew Golden Ale {which almost tasted like hard apple cider}, the Banana Bread Beer {which is made with a species of hops that taste like banana, rather than actual bananas}, and my number one pick {Adam’s too} was the Crabbies Ginger Beer. Holy hops, Batman! That was one yummy beer!

The good news is that all of the beers at the tasting are available at one of our favorite liquor stores here in town. We’ll definitely be buying some of that ginger beer {since we weren’t lucky enough to win the year worth of beer}. We also got some neat SWAG including playing cards and a bottle uncapper {which is somewhat different than a bottle opener} from one of our favorite brewing companies, Big Rock {local to Calgary}. We didn’t actually sample anything at their table last night because we had already tried all the flavors they had available. We also got a beer can chicken roaster from Rickard’s {another company whose beer we enjoy} that allows you to make beer can chicken without having to use canned beer. That’s good, because we don’t drink much canned beer. Oh, and we each got a cute little tasting mug of course.

Now, I didn’t know until right before we left where we were going. I just knew it was going to involve a lot of calories. So I had made sure to have a very light breakfast and a very light lunch. I was quite hungry by the time we left. And even though our 20 samples only added up to about 2 beers worth of alcohol, having such an empty stomach, and being such a light weight {apparently} I got a bit tipsy. I didn’t mind, as it was a mild buzz…but I did end up having to sit down and rest. The problem was that they didn’t make the food {appetizers really} available from the start, so I wasn’t able to eat while sampling. We ended up ducking out after having some appetizers and going to one of the eateries in the hotel {the tasting was held at the Medicine Hat Lodge} and splitting a sandwich. Then we tasted our last five beers. Uncle Spencer picked us up, as planned, just to be safe. We don’t take any chances with drinking and driving folks.

And that was the secrety secret of secretfullness. It was 100% pure brewed awesome.

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2 Stubborn Stains:

kel said...

That sounds like a fun date!!!

KK said...

Who knew there were so many different kinds of beer!

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