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Monday, October 11

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving…or Columbus’ Day to my State-side friends. :)

We had our big dinner yesterday and it was delicious. Lucy had her first taste of cheesecake {pumpkin flavored} and judging by the enthusiasm with which she requested more “cake! cake! cake! cake!” I think she liked it. I know I did. I also enjoyed the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and rolls. Yum yum! The nice thing about being from the US and living in Canada is knowing I get to have Thanksgiving twice…what? You didn’t think I’d skip American Thanksgiving did you? Besides, 14 pounds of turkey {the smallest we could find} for 3.5 people {Adam, Spencer, myself, and Lucy} is way, WAY more than we can eat. So half that bird will be going straight into the freezer for November.

Today Adam is working on a project for his genetics class, and studying calculus {oh joy}. I’m going to see if I can’t finish Lucy’s Halloween costume. Like last year, we’ll be doing a family theme. But it’s a surprise until I’m ready to show you pictures.

Nanowrimo is fast approaching! I’ve got some basic ideas for my novel, and this year I’ve got a plan to make sure I’m able to finish. I’ve started getting up at 6:30 so I have time to get work done before Lucy wakes up. Right now I use that time for crafting, blogging, or whatnot…but it’s just practice for November. I didn’t want to be adjusting to a new routine during Nanowrimo so I decided to get a head start on my early mornings. After November I’m planning on sticking with the new wake-up time so I can continue to be more productive. If nothing else, it’s a chance to read uninterrupted.

And, just in case some of you are interested…

…I am halfway to my weight loss goal! Hooray! Only 15 more pounds to go. Believe it or not…by limiting my portions I even managed to come in on target with my calories yesterday. Spark People is really proving to be an invaluable resource {and it’s free}! The only downside is that none of my clothes fit anymore. I’m going to try taking them to a tailor to see what she can do for me. I’d like to avoid having to buy new clothes until I’m sure they won’t be too big a month later.

So that’s an update on what’s going on in the dorky household. And, just because I hate to do posts without pictures…here’s a random picture of Lucy:


Hope you all have been enjoying your holiday weekend!


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