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Sunday, July 4

A Total “Eclipse” of the Heart

Guys, it’s just so sad. I had to share:
There we were, me, Adam, in the car with the progeny in the backseat on our way to run an errand. I saw something spectacular, incredible, fan-effing-tastic!
“I have to have a Burger King kid’s meal!”
“Right now? Or on the way home?” Adam replied.
“On the way home…they have Twilight toys!”
That’s when Adam gave me a look of disgust and hit me repeatedly saying “dirty, dirty, dirty!”
“No! It’s awesome! That’s a blog post right there!” I was practically gleeful. “Maybe I’ll get a shirtless Jacob figure!” I snickered.
Cut to later when we’re in the drive-thru. The sign on the menu said the toy was a holographic ring. Excellent! I could totally take sexy-face pictures of me wearing it. Adam just wondered if they could make holograms sparkle. The air was thick with anticipation as I dug into my greasy bag and excitedly pulled out…
…a Marmaduke toy.
Booooooo! Where was my toy for desperate Twihards?
I then sent my very-good-sport of a husband inside to make an inquiry about the toys. They were out of Eclipse toys.
They were out.
I’ve concluded that either Twilight has suddenly become very popular with the under-12 set or a lot of lonely, grown women have been ordering kid’s meals at Burger King. Then again, maybe there’s just been a rush of bloggers like me ordering them for the purpose of satire and merciless mockery. ;)
PS: I love to make fun of Twilight for many reasons {not the least of which being that it’s just so easy}.  And I do stand by my belief that they send a terrible message to girls about relationships. That said, I do have my own similarly pathetic movies and books to which I will admit a fond attachment. But I’m still going to poke fun at Twilight and the obsessive fandom. So spare me any outrage in the comments, please.

4 Stubborn Stains:

Crystal HW said...


That is hilarious!

Jenn Galloway said...

Quin got a Twilight wrist cuff the other day! He told me to take it back and get him a "REAL TOY!" And then wore it for 2 days straight... ;)

Courtney said...

Hahaha! I seriously thought that you were going to reveal your secret Twihard inner self. (I'm glad you didn't.) And I think I am the only one who just doesn't get it... I mean, really, that's the current role model of a relationship for impressionable kids? Sort of strange to me.

KK said...

I'll make fun of them with you!

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