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Wednesday, March 2

In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

InLikeALionOutLikeALamb {image from Amazon }

Book: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Author: Marion Dane Bauer

Illustrator: Emily Arnold McCully

This hardcover picture book tells the story takes the old “in like a lion, out like a lamb” simile literally. It follows a troublesome lion and a sweet lamb to illustrate the yearly transition from winter to spring.


Writing: This book is in verse, so it get points for that. The verse feels just a little clumsy at times but is, overall, flowing and cute. It is fun to read aloud. 4 STARS

Content: Call me strange, but I was very excited to have a book about the month of March. I love observing the passing of the calendar year, and while there are lots of books to be had about the four seasons and about holidays, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one about a specific month (if you know of more, please tell me in the comments). I’m working to encourage a sense of daily and yearly rhythm in our home (for Lucy’s benefit and my own). So I’m quite pleased with this creative, narrative description of March. Obviously, if you’re in the southern hemisphere or a very cold or very warm climate this book might not fit what March is like for you. I think Waldorf friendly families will particularly like this book, but it would be enjoyable for anyone who likes the seasons and weather. 4.5 STARS


Style: Loose, energetic lines (very much like my own style of drawing) with soft, yet vivid colors. It really appeals to my personal aesthetic. I believe the artist used water colors and ink (but that’s just my guess based on the appearance of the art). 4 STARS

Skill: The compositions are a mix of simple vignettes on white pages and more detailed scenes (the vignettes being the definite highlights). There is enough detail that I think many children will enjoy looking through the pictures, but they’re not so busy that it is overwhelming. The lamb is sometimes a little awkward looking, but then, sheep can be kind of funny-looking in real life too. The real winner in these illustrations is the lion. He’s absolutely gorgeous! The artist really captured a lot of that quintessential feline grace, especially in the scenes where he is sleepy/sleeping. His lines and colors are simply lovely. FOUR STARS


Mom’s Opinion: This is a fun one. I think verse is really good for kids, especially toddlers and young children who are still linguistically raw. It’s short enough to be used as a bedtime story on nights when your little one has managed to postpone bedtime too long. And it’s not repetitive. While I admit that repetition is fantastic for kids it often drives me a bit batty, so I always count myself lucky when I find a nice book without it.

Toddler’s Opinion: Lucy paid close attention for the entire reading of this one.  She said her favorite part was the baby animal illustrations. And she proclaimed throughout our reading session that “that’s my lion!”


This is one you should at least consider adding to your collection. I think most families will enjoy it, though it may not become a treasured favorite as some more narrative tales become. It would help round out your collection and it’s pleasant to both lookat and read. 4 STARS

*All books for the “It’s Raining Books” month of reviews were provided by Allen Thomas & Son. I received no additional compensation for providing my honest opinion. All links to the books are affiliate links, meaning if you choose to purchase a copy you will be supporting Domestic Dork. However, I will not encourage you to spend your hard-earned money on a book unless I honestly think it’s worth it. I value you, my readers, too much to take advantage of you that way.

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