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Sunday, February 6

Proactiv: The First 30 Days

I told you before that I was less than perfect with my Proactiv routine during the first 30 days. But I want to share my before and after pics anyhow:

BEFORE {this is my trouble zone, the rest of my face does pretty well}:IMG_5076


Both pictures are sans make-up. As you can see there was some improvement after 30 Days, despite my own failure to adhere to the routine perfectly. I’ve got two pretty ugly zits in my after, but that’s better than the whole crop of zits in the before. What I’ve noticed so far is that yes, Proactiv is quite drying. But I use a nice, oil-free moisturizer immediately after the repairing lotion and feel my skin is doing well {especially considering the Alberta winter I’m dealing with}. The monthly break-outs before my period seem to be winning out over the Proactiv, which is unfortunate because that is when my skin is at it’s worst. But…this last month seemed to go a little better than the cycle before and I’m hoping it will continue to be less and less a problem the longer I use the Proactiv.

It will soon be time to take my final picture, at which time I will give you my final verdict of the Proactiv system.


2 Stubborn Stains:

Nic said...

I started using proactive around the same time as you did. I live in Michigan so our winters can also be pretty harsh. I have found that the proactive seems to make my face look and feel shiney. No drying at all. I got a bottle of their green tea lotion and I wont use it b/c it just adds so much extra shine and weight to my skin!

Gwenn said...

I'm curious to see how this works out for you. I have horrible cystic acne on my jaw line. It showed up with a ferocity after my last kiddo..not pretty. Do you know if it helps with this kind as well?

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