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Monday, February 8

Important Bloggy Business

First things first, I’ve added the MckLinky widget to the Valentine’s Exchange Post! So don’t forget to link up!
Secondly I have some questions for you all {you can answer them in the poll on the left of the page, the one underneath the menu}.
I’ve been experimenting with posting once a week lately. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Is it often enough? I thought I’d give it a try because if you’re anything like me, you’re following a lot of blogs. It’s hard to keep up with all of them, especially the ones that post a lot. But maybe two times a week would be better, and on occasion three {not including Good News/Bad News – see below}. So should I continue posting once a week or should I post more often?
I have a few reviews/giveaways lined up {from a while ago}. But I’ve been turning down recent pitches. I’m not sure how I feel about doing them. Is it too commercial? I worry that it cheapens my content. Would you rather I not accept pitches for reviews/giveaways or would you rather have the opportunity to occasionally win stuff?
I used to host a meme on Sundays called Good News/Bad News {see an example here}. There didn’t seem to be a ton of interest in it at the time and so it fell by the wayside. That was a while ago and there’s a lot more people following this blog now. So should I bring it back or let it stay dead?
Also, what sorts of posts do you best like seeing on this blog? What made you decide to follow?
Let me know what you think by taking the poll and/or leaving comments below. I’ll leave the poll up until the end of the month and use the information to help me decide what to do. Thanks!

11 Stubborn Stains:

Kristine said...

I think Good News/Bad New is a cute and different idea. I think you will get more interest now. Personally, it wouldn't really work for my blog but, I wish it would because it's totally me.

Insanitykim said...

Helloooo...ok my 2 cents...

Firstlyness, always post more than once a week. Most bloggers are looking to read content. I have my blog roll set up show who is posting, therefore, for example, you post a lot, you're at the top of blog rolls! Plus it challenges you, keeps you fresh and involved. This is an active hobby, even if we are sitting! Also, if you want to start contributing to other blogs or sites you will need to up your posting, if only for figuring out how to fit time into your schedule...

Do all giveaways/promotions that you enjoy! Use the disclaimer to explain your affiliations, keep your reviews objective and there are plenty of places to advertise your giveaways...it's part of the nature of blogging, enjoy it!

I particularly don't care for memes, but, there is a huge audience out there for them, but I think you answered your own question, do what works for your audience.

And lastly, blog about what you love! Do you want to stick to a theme? Do like setting up days of the week to be about different things? Look back at your posts, what got the most viewing?

I started following because I find you funny and I love to laugh. That's all it takes for me.


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...


I have been checking your blog every day and then FINALLY you posted! :)

I think bloggers, all in general, should post at least 3x/week (preferably 4) to stay up to date. Otherwise I think people forget about you. (Well, I mean I didn't foget about you obviously...) but you know.

CalgaryDaddy said...

Keep Posting! I like reading your posts! Do the giveaways...or send them to me! :)


Crystal HW said...

Alright, how I feel.
Do all giveaways/promotions that you enjoy or agree with.

I am going to be blogging less, as I am probably one of the ones that blogs too much. I think a couple times a week is appropriate, but it also has to be something you have time for.

joyfully gray said...

more! i always come by to check on posts... thinking that i missed them in my reader!

my favorite posts are those about your family and your craftiness.

i started reading your blog/following because i like you; i liked you right away.

Courtney said...

Like others, I was beginning to think that I was missing you in my reader! I like postings to be about 3-5 times a week. Some people post multiple times a day which is annoying, but every day or every few days is good.

KK said...

I like a variety of posts and the bloggers who post more than once a day are overachievers that I can't possibly keep up with :)


Thanks for asking an opinion, it's quite nice to do so : )

I like the idea of posting when you feel like it or when you have something to share, be it once a week or three times a day. As long as you think the content is interesting and/or relevant you or your readers.

Concerning the giveaways and contests...they are what deter me from reading most blogs. I love the idea of you giving away a product that you think is useful because you like it and want to promote it for the creator (example: the baby ear drop giveaway you had a while back). That post almost came as a friendly recommendation. So many blogs post on giveaways or contests too frequently the posts are obviously ingenue (how could you really like and personally recommend something every day or every week) and it also looks like you are doing them to get free product. I much rather enjoy the stories about Lucy, your husband, domestic successes/failures and random adventures.

If your readers seem to enjoy the contests and giveaways maybe feature a link in your left hand navigation (under the home, about, contact, et al links) to your most up to date contest with an occasional pitch at the beginning or end of a blog entry to take a glance at the link. Anyways, just throwing around a few ideas. Hope they help.

The Tucker Family said...

LOVE your blog! I am now a "follower"

I own a blog/design/WAHM forum I'd love you to join called My Great Retreat (link is below). Can't wait to keep in touch!


Jenny said...

I started turning stuff down when I heard about the whole "OMG IRS IS GONNA TAX US" thing. I can't pay for that. And it's mean of them to do that.

But posting once a week sounds fine to me. I'm lucky if I do even that. xD I have like nothing to talk about. HAHA

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