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Thursday, November 12

Have I Mentioned I’m Impulsive?

I met Adam August 27th, 2005. Two weeks later we were in a ring shop looking at engagement rings. Exactly four months later, on December 27th, 2005 we got hitched. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds.

Two weeks after we asked ourselves “hey, what if we moved to Canada?” we were crossing the border.

So yeah…we make big decisions quickly and go for it. So far it’s worked out really well for us.

Here’s the newest one…we’re moving {again}. See, unfortunately our two fur babies have been getting more and more aggressive with our real baby. They attack her. She has been bitten and scratched and my mama-bear instincts won’t stand for it anymore. They may not sound like serious injuries but cat bites can actually be very, very nasty. I also don’t want Lucy growing up with a fear of animals because the animals in her own life are cuddly sometimes and unpredictably violent at other times. It’s sad for me. And I feel guilty for “divorcing” my cats. But I keep telling myself, the cats are cats. Lucy is my daughter. And she comes first. So, we’re paying a forfeit fee and taking them to the shelter tonight. :(

What does that have to do with moving? Well, we’re in our current place because it was the only place we could find that welcomed both children and animals. It’s bigger than we need. It’s got some issues we don’t like. And it’s in a neighborhood we have grown to hate. Once we had made the decision to say goodbye to the kittehs we wondered if we might be able to find a smaller, cheaper place to live since we’d no longer need a pet-friendly rental. And we did. And I’m in love with it. Why?

  • It has carpet. No more ugly foam mats to protect Lucy’s little knees. No more falls and bonks on a hard floor.
  • It has a normal-sized refrigerator that isn’t leaking cold air.
  • It has a dishwasher.
  • It has lots of space where it counts. In our current place we have more space than we really need, but it’s all in the basement/rooms we don’t use. The new place has lots of space in the kitchen, the family room, and the dining area! In fact…it’s spacious enough in the living area that we’ll now be able to fit all the people we want to invite for Lucy’s birthday party! Yay!
  • No more stairs! There are stairs to get up to the apartment. But there are none in our living space. I hate stairs. Knowing I don’t have to walk up and down stairs every time Lucy needs a diaper change or I need to use the bathroom makes me want to do a happy dance.
  • It’s within walking distance to the library. I repeat, it is within walking distance TO THE LIBRARY. I cannot begin to describe how happy that makes me…you know, the bibliophile without a car all day because Adam takes it for school/work?
  • Walk-in-closet. *swoon* And it’s a niiiice closet with lots of shelves and multiple bars at different heights and magical fairy dust.
  • Nice, new windows (did I mention it was renovated about a year ago?). That means no more cold, Canadian, winter air pouring in our home through gaps between the glass and the wall.
  • The only utility we pay is electric.
  • The building is nice and secure. You can’t enter without a key or without being buzzed in. And there are security cameras in the hallways. Medicine Hat isn’t exactly the crime capital of Canada. But I can be a bit paranoid some times. So the security definitely appeals to me.
  • It has those fancy hot water heaters that provide instant, on demand, unlimited, hot water. Um…maybe that’s a bad thing because it will probably mean I’ll use up the city’s entire water supply taking hot showers/baths and that’s maybe not so good for the planet…
  • It’s just really pretty.

The one drawback is that there is no in-suite laundry. That means we’ll be washing the cloth diapers in the coin-op down the hall (but at least I don’t have to go up and down stairs to do it). Paying for laundry always sucks, but even taking that into account we’ll be saving money in our new place. {If you’ve ever done cloth diapers with coin-op laundry please leave any advice in the comments.}

We’re going over there today to take some measurements (so we know what kind of baby gate to get) and to drop off some paperwork. I’ll try and take some pictures while I’m there. We move in Dec 1st. So…yeah…I’m going to be REALLY busy in the coming days. In addition to moving and all the hassle that entails I’m still doing NaNoWriMo {I don’t think I’m going to finish by the 15th but I still hope to finish early}, I’ve got a few clients at the moment, I’m planning Lucy’s birthday party, I’ve got some Christmas crafts {advent calendar and some gifts} that need to be finished, and Adam is approaching finals and picked up some extra hours at work recently. So, we’re sorta, kinda, maybe a little busy right now. That means the blog posts will be sporadic at best until some time in December. But oh boy, once they get going again you are going to be pleased. I’m going to have posts about the new apartment {with pictures of course}, posts about the holidays, posts about Lucy’s AWESOME party that I’m currently preparing for, some product reviews/giveaways, and, you know, my usual awsomeness. ;)

Life’s a crazy adventure. Wish us luck!


11 Stubborn Stains:

Nikki said...

Good Luck with everything! It sounds like a great idea to get rid of the animals for now, at least until your little girl is grown more to defend herself again the crazy cats! I think thats so cool that you guys are impulsive and "just do it!" (like the nike slogan lol:))

TopHat said...

We go to the laundromat for diapers. I look forward to having our own washer for extra rinses. I don't think the coin-ops do as well of a job as I'd like, you know? Oh well...

TeamOSM said...

August 27th was my first date with hubby! We call it our love day. We were going to get married that day, but it was a Wednesday the year we got married, so we got married on the 30th instead. We still celebrate our "love day", though. =D

Congrats on the new place, and I hope the move is uneventful!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the new place is where it's at!

I know giving up the cats will be tough, but you've made the right decision and they'll find a home that's right for them.

Jessica and Michael said...

Good luck. Sounds like you have your hands full. I know if my baby was ever bit by our pet, he would be gone in a heartbeat. Not like it would be easy, but it will be best.

Crystal HW said...

YAY!!! I am so happy and excited for you!
It is always nice to be able to move somewhere that fits your needs and works FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

Sometimes the sproatic or impulsive choices lead to the best results. :)

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Good luck in your new place. We have had some major issues with our cat since the arrival of our children as well. It's not a fun situation for sure.

Brooke said...

OK, I am SO super stoked about your new place! It sounds wonderful! One tip, though. Instead of doing the coin-op laundry, why not just wash them in the sink? I did it for about 2 months before our new washer and dryer got here, and to be BRUTALLY honest, that got them cleaner then my current front-loaders do! Just a thought!

And I hear you about your fur-babies. Lucy comes first, ALWAYS! The kitties will find a better home well suited for their needs and personalities! ;)

Caroline said...

Hooray for new houses! Congratulations!
Ugh. Coin-op laundry for diapers. We did this all summer, and it's sort of brutal. We often had to pay for a second wash cycle, which we ran without any soap at all to get some of the soap residue from other people off the diapers. The dipes still weren't in very good condition, and our kiddo had a rash most of the summer.
If it had been any sort of longer term, we would have bought an apartment sized washing mashine, of the variety that requires only your tap and an electrical outlet and can then be shoved away into the closet again.
Then again, it might be half ok since you won't, conceivably, have heaps of odd individuals doing weird things, like using entire bottles of laundry soap on just one load in your apartment complex. I hope. :)
Happy settling in the new place!
(a fellow Canadian who stumbled upon your blog thanks to our mdc ddc and has been happily following you in relative annonimity ever since. I'm coming out of the woodwork...)

KK said...

Sounds fabulous!

Rambling Rachel said...

Your spontaneity is inspiring as I ponder the "what ifs" of life.

Your new nest sounds awesome.

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