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Sunday, May 11

My First Canadian Post (this will be in metric of course...just kidding)!

Well, we made it to Medicine Hat in one piece (though with not as much stuff as we had before). We ran into a bit of a blizzard in Idaho, but got off the high way temporarily until a plow went by, then promptly stayed at the first hotel we got to.
Now we're on the hunt for a different apartment. We accepted the apartment we're currently in because the land lord was the only one willing to rent to us unseen. However, the rent is too high, and the utilities are way too high. Besides, we don't need quite this much space. We do however need a land lord who takes better care of his property and tenants.
We're still living out of boxes. And our desks and drawers remain disassembled since we'll only have to move them all again in less than a month. But we're starting to get settled in. We actually have food in the house (though we still have some staples to pick up like flour, rice vinegar, etc.).
Adam started working last week. The days are long and hard but so far it seems pretty good. Vaughn, the guy that hired him took us out for dinner a few days ago with his wife Reece (spl?). It was nice to get out and meet some-one. I've been mostly stuck alone in the apartment aside from running errands with Adam.
I've got plenty of pictures to post today, so enjoy!

This is the back seat (where I sat to keep the cats from going crazy). The vet gave us some kitty sedatives, which helped them handle two days of being in the car.

This is where we have moved...the middle of nowhere. Actually Medicine Hat is in a "bowl" in the middle of the plains so it's very hilly. But as soon as you leave town you're in flat, opressive prairie.
This is the house we're renting the top half of, for now. We have a nice little vestibule on the front door which we can't use because the land lord is too lazy and/or cheap to put new hardware on the door and he doesn't have keys for the current hardware.

This is Girla, hiding in the car top carrier once it was brought inside. She also likes to hide behind the toilet, but they're both adjusting better than expected.

This is Adam eating a dragon fruit! The grocery store has an UNBELIEVABLE selection of produce! Since Medicine Hat is so much more diverse than Provo they stock fruits and veggies from all over the world. We also had star fruit. But we both like the dragon fruit better. It's like a cross between kiwi and pear.

Close up of the dragon fruit. I have a goal to eventually try each and every kind of produce they sell at The Real Canadian Superstore (our grocery).

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